Olimpia Splendid

About the Manufacturer

Once in a while a manufacturer comes up with a product so good that you wonder why nobody thought of it before.

When we saw the Easy and Unico air conditioning units manufactured by Olimpia Splendid, we knew that we had to offer our customers these two unique products.

With revised designs for 2012, we believe that the Easy and the Unico are perfect for use in conservatories and other domestic applications as they do not require any outdoor units and can be operated from a normal 13 amp electrical supply.

Olimpia Splendid was established in 1956, and the company is a leading Italian manufacturer of air conditioning and heating products. They have an emphasis on modern design using proven technology.

Both the models which we sell have been on sale in europe for over ten years and have a proven track record in terms of quality, reliability and performance.

The following video shows the history of the company, the resources they have today, and some of the products they sell:

About the Air Conditioning Units

The Unico and Easy air conditioning units are high quality unique self contained air conditioning units with the following features :

No external condensers or pipework

Most cheaper split type air conditioning heat pump units require an unsightly condenser box to be mounted on the outside wall, together with difficult to install pressurised interconnecting pipework between the condenser and the indoor unit. (for more information see FAQ's)

The Olimpia Splendid Units have a revolutionary self contained design that works without external condensers or pipework installation - thus avoiding specialist installation costs.

The two grilles which cover the external holes are the only evidence that air conditioning is fitted - of particular benefits where clients wish to preserve the visual integrity of their conservatory

Easy Installation

Because it has no external condenser the unit can be easily fitted by the average DIY'er. With no specialist installation skills required - the cost of air conditioning your room is more affordable than ever.

Most of our clients either fit the units themselves, or get a handyman to fit them at low cost

Five easy steps is all it takes, as shown in our installation giude.

Cooling and Heating

Most models are Heat Pumps which both heat and cool.

Heat Pumps are a highly efficient method of heating, and only consume around 40% of the electricity required by a normal electric heater. Many clients find this to be of great benefit, as conservatories and other rooms often suffer from inadquate heating.

Class leading energy efficiency

All the units have a minimum energy efficiency rating in cooling of Class A.

The DC Inverter technology used on the Inverter models means that energy consumption can be up to 30% less than conventional fixed speed units - making these the most efficient self contained units on the market.

Ultra low noise levels

Most of the units have a noise level of 34 dBA - making them the quietest self contained units on the market.

In addition the Inverter models have even lower noise levels when operating on part load as the speed of the compressor slows down to match the output required - providing a cool chilled environment without any jarring noise. Perfect for bedrooms or those clients with a low tolerance of external noise.

Uses standard 13A electrical supply

The efficient design of the Olimpia Splendid Units means that the unit can be connected to a standard 13A electrical supply - avoiding expensive rewiring costs.

The Olimpia Splendid units integrate perfectly into any domestic or office application.


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